Infinito High Tech offers in its range of products a suite of specifically developed software for hotels and restaurants.
Those softwares are grouped into well defined LINEA'S and covers the Back Office and Front Office areas of Ho.Re.Ca. management.

The LINEA TOUCH offers a range of Point of Sale solutions with touchscreen interface for Outlets.

The softwares of the Linea Touch are made from modules adapted to different working configurations.Whether you have a gourmet restaurant, a pizzeria, a lounge bar, a self service or a nightclub, our system will be configured accordingly to fit your organization's work and installed on the hardware that we have defined for you from a wide range of opportunities such as touch servers, touch terminals, mobile touchscreens , service printers and even remote or in-house back-office manager.

The softwares of the LINEA HOTEL are designed by hoteliers for hoteliers.

Each proposed module covers a specific area of hotel management: Dynamic Planning reservations, automated Check-In/Check-Out, Walk-In, Overbooking, Room Control, Tax Management,advanced reports and statistics. Our system also allows centralized management of multi-properties with on-line sharing of a centralized database in the cloud or on a proprietary server. A web platform is also available to connect  your LINEA HOTEL software with Web Booking functionalities.

The LINEA CULINARY offers a range of softwares dedicated to the Food & Beverage management.

Ranging from the basic module for managing recipes and / or kitchen, bar or cocktail articles, to the most complete module allowing detailed tracking of internal process of developing menus, banquet management, catering services, supplier management, stock management and replenishment, calculations of margins and benefits, production planning.

Originally developed for beach establishments of the Romagna Riviera,the LINEA BEACH consists of software that does not fear the sun, sand and the salinity of the sea water.

They will assist you in planning your business by offering the tools needed to manage the occupation of umbrellas, deckchairs, beach huts or Tucul as well as customized services that are increasingly offered to customers. Booking and billing by hour, half day, full day, weekend, week or month will not be a concern but a real wizard that allows you to access higher profitability and control.

The LINEA HEADLINE groups specifically dedicated software for Back Office functions.

A good Front-Office would not really be complete without including the software modules of LINEA HEADLINE dedicated to the financial and accounting management of your establishments.

IHT Infinito High Tech offers a complete range of dedicated software and touch screen POS systems to manage your restaurant, bar, pub, club, hotel.


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